Lynx Money Services!

Money and Payment Services Customized for Your Business Needs

Do It Your Way

Almost all customers are demanding and desire all businesses provide exactly what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. Lynx covers all of this for you and allows customers the ability to conduct payments in multiple different ways. As a result, you are assured you keep your customers happy, payments are secure, and payments are executed on time. Customers like to pay by cash, or via credit card as a “temporary loan”, yet others will only pay via check, whether online or through the mail. With Lynx, whatever method is chosen, does not matter. Lynx will only allow the payment methods you want your customers to use. Regardless of the chosen method, Lynx will be able to “electrify” the payment and push it through the financial process, deposit the funds, and post it to your ledger and other financial software quickly and securely.